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Why should we book a wedding video??

Wedding photography is always at the top of couples’s to-do lists but videography is sometimes pushed back as an extra if there is enough budget – but take it from me, I am SO grateful I booked a videographer for my own wedding! One of couple’s biggest regrets for their wedding day is not booking a videographer. Here’s why you should book a video:

  • Video captures what photography can’t: audio and movement! Hearing your vows, seeing the groom’s reaction to your first look – these emotions are so powerful on film and different from what you get from an image.
  • Your wedding day goes by in a flash but the video is the perfect way to re-live your big day and maybe even see some moments you missed.
  • Being able to share the day with people who weren’t there: maybe grandparents struggle to travel, maybe you couldn’t invite everyone you wanted to, or maybe it’s a pandemic and your guest count and travel are restricted.
  • To document your day for your future family to see! Your future children and grandchildren can experience your day firsthand.
  • It’s a powerful way to reconnect with your partner on each anniversary and remember the love and connection you felt on that day.
Do you travel for weddings?

Yes! I am absolutely in love with travel and the outdoors and I am constantly adventuring – check out my travel page here for where I’m headed to next. I am more than happy to travel for your wedding/elopement/adventure! Plus, if your wedding or elopement is where I am already traveling to, I will waive all travel fees!

Where are you based?

I am currently based in the Pacific Northwest in the middle of Oregon, just south of Portland. But I am happy to travel for your wedding and I travel often! Check out my travel page here.

What is an elopement? How is it different from an intimate wedding?

An elopement is an intentionally small, intimate wedding-day adventure that focuses on the connection between you and your partner over a full-scale vender-filled event, usually with an epic backdrop or involving traveling to an adventurous location. But overall it is a stress-free day that is all about YOU! And while definitions differ, in essence an elopement is generally 0-10 guests while an intimate wedding is up to 40 guests.

Are you open to shooting LGBTQ weddings? What about POC?

OF COURSE! I document all love and I will do everything I can to make sure you are as comfortable and supported as possible on your big day. I support body positivity, Black Lives Matter, and I do my best to support and educate myself on diverse communities and cultures. If there is a way I can better serve the LGBTQ and POC communities, please let me know; I am committed to ongoing education and celebrating love in all forms!

How do we book with you??

Start by filling out my contact form above! I will reach out to you and we’ll discuss all things wedding related and address any questions you might have for me. You’ll then pick out a package (or I’ll put together a custom one for you!) and I’ll send over a contract for you to sign. Once you send that back signed and put down a deposit your date is officially booked!

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